Short stories tagged with Humiliation

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A Black teenage boy in Illinois becomes obsessed with the idea of owning a gun–until he realizes that with the gun comes a level of adult responsibility he isn’t ready to assume.

A college sophomore meets a thirty-something-year-old guy while working. Despite being exciting initially, the relationship heads towards uncomfortable territory.

A young boy suffering from OCD-like symptoms grapples with self-hatred, bullying, and sexual abuse and frequently flaps his hands and constricts his throat to escape reality. His compulsions and coping mechanisms follow him through elementary school, middle school, high school, and college.

A circus clown in unrequited love with the girl on the flying trapeze attempts to explain how he ended up onstage, pantless and pelted with trash, while lions ate the flying trapeze girl's lover.

A dominant person and their submissive wife enjoy a kinky sex life together.

A young news reporter writes about a peculiar man in his mid-50s who is impoverished and suffers from a chronic illness — but when the man is accused of lying, the news reporter must decide whether to continue reporting the ill man's story or to accept that his claims are false.