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When a sixteen-year-old boy from Indiana visits his uncle to learn more about the family newspaper, he learns about the true life of his deceased father and goes to the spot where he died.

In the near future, an investigative journalist interviews several key players in the rise of a genetic enhancement drug that has made predominantly white Americans Black.

In the year 2000, Orion is a young software developer who’s hit it big with his tech company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Despite his long-term relationship, success, and newfound riches, he feels an emptiness in his life, leading him into dangerous territory.

A middle-aged, male photojournalist from the Midwest reports in Afghanistan alongside a journalist from England. The photojournalist ponders death and human conflict as his day spirals into disarray and the English journalist’s malaria becomes frighteningly serious.

As a group of international journalists flee the Nazi invasion of Paris, they seek refuge at a man's home, but the man decides to hold them hostage. The group must decide how much they're willing to pay for their freedom.

To hear his friends and readers tell it, an American war correspondent based in Saigon is losing touch with reality. But to him, the opposite is true. Through studies of the Vietnamese people and fantastical letters to his children, he alternately tries to confront and embrace the world as it truly is.

A journalist interviews a filmmaker at three different points in human history–2018, 2027, and 2039–to chart the discovery, retrieval, and visualization of a mysterious book found on Mars.

When a musician is faced with harsh criticism from a revered teacher, the life he had always planned goes up in flames.

In the near future, celebrity DNA is the hottest commodity, purchased to create celebrity clone children. For undercover operative Thatch, investigating these “hacksperm” kids is as important as it is perplexing as a figure from his past clouds his every thought.

In 21st-century China, a journalist and a former dissident, once the best of friends, lead very different lives. When one goes to jail, the other confronts rampant corruption to find his friend.