Short stories tagged with Corruption

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When a pair of scientists studying the Badlands observe strange behavior in nearby animals, they too begin to fall under an evil influence that turns them against each other.

In present-day New York City, a young Colombian woman strikes up a friendship with an older Columbian man fleeing the memory of his kidnapping and subsequently finds relief from her own trauma.

In Dubai, a Bangladeshi construction worker with an exploitative and abusive boss reevaluates his life choices after a brush with death on the job site.

When a low-life janitor is framed for a brutal murder, a politician and his henchmen work to solve the case themselves.

In a society where the top one percent rules the lower classes, a teenage girl is forced out of her home by ethnic cleansing and must turn to a wealthy man in order to survive.

Natalia, a young metal head surviving in the gloom and harsh conditions of post-communist Ukraine, enters a marriage website. She sends emails back and forth to her correspondent, Montana Bob, with hopes of using him to escape to America.

The head of a futuristic anti-poaching organization releases endangered creatures into a poacher's apartment to allow nature to see justice served.

When a mysterious businessman moves into the house next to his, a South African widow finds himself and his painter daughter embroiled in a political scandal.

A man on a work trip in Central America attempts to help two young North American travelers as they navigate the dangerous new country.

A successful middle-aged lawyer brings home her little sister, a woman who was institutionalized at a young age. In attempting to sort out her sister's history and her own corruption, the woman encounters continually perplexing behavior from those around her.