Short stories tagged with Self Harm

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Faced with inexplicable suffering in a locked ward of a mental hospital, a young woman must choose whether to give up or live life on her own terms.

A mysterious man treks into a quaint English village, where he stays the night with a couple and learns the town’s strange history surrounding mummification and entombment, as well as its local legend of a black dog that kills any person who sees it.

Guided by his late grandfather's wisdom, a young man in 1970s America must continuously attempt to stand up against a colleague's violence and console the man's distressed girlfriend, even when she is tragically hospitalized.

After 300,000 teens and young adults commit mass suicide, a student pursuing their PhD investigates what caused the Year of Suicide, forcing them to relive their trauma and navigate the process of healing from so much death.

When a musician is faced with harsh criticism from a revered teacher, the life he had always planned goes up in flames.

A young woman in Nashville helps mediate her roommate's messy relationship when her drunk boyfriend insists on coming over late at night.

A young college student makes a devastating choice after she is sexually assaulted.

After an NYU student attempts suicide, he tries to navigate the awkwardness of his friend group and continues to pine after a girl who has a boyfriend.

In 2003, a boy's father disappears leaving him feeling empty and confused. Years later, the son finds a portal and he believes he has found a clue to his father's disappearance, but has to ponder the implications of his discovery.

A mother's mistakes haunt her. When a man brutalizes her, she accepts his punches as punishment for her sins.