Short stories tagged with Acceptance

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Faced with inexplicable suffering in a locked ward of a mental hospital, a young woman must choose whether to give up or live life on her own terms.

When a pop star whose music has a supernatural effect on her fans turns up dead, a documentary filmmaker interviews those who knew her to try to understand her downfall. Though she was an addict and accused of witchcraft by religious zealots, the singer’s ultimate undoing comes in the form of a forbidden romance.

In a family of immortal vampires, a young boy seems more human than vampire, lacking magical powers and nauseated by the taste of blood. When the boy asks his sister to help him prove himself and impress their relatives at a large family reunion, things don't exactly go as planned.

When a grandfather attempts to bring his grandson out of his shell by taking him to a musical in New York, curated and incessant ads almost prevent them from seeing the show.

Afraid of judgment, two high school girls who have turned from friends to lovers debate whether or not to go to prom as a couple.

Photographer Jerry Butler has an affair with one of his subjects - Brianna Riley, a famous singer with a curious and rare condition. When his wife walks in on them, he has to choose between the two.

A carpenter in the midwest struggles to connect with his son who wants to be a poet.

A patient attends regular sessions with his psychiatrist but stubbornly refuses to tell the doctor his true thoughts.

Irritated by a humiliating incident in his class, an anthropology professor takes a spin on his boat to blow off steam. He rides the waves and comes to a realization about alienation versus acceptance.