Short stories tagged with Coming Out

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When a Black teenager is forced to spend her last summer before college in her grandmother’s small town, she meets a girl who makes her want to stay longer.

Afraid of judgment, two high school girls who have turned from friends to lovers debate whether or not to go to prom as a couple.

A young woman jaded about her quiet suburban life obsessively follows a famous closeted rural food blogger, with whom she was in a secretive homosexual relationship when they were teenagers.

In the near future, the elements are attuned to the truth in one’s words: when one lies they are drenched in a sudden, chilling downpour; a half-truth brings about humidity; uttering a paradox results in an overpowering sense of dread, which relents only when one says an unequivocal truth; telling a powerful truth suffuses one with warmth and the sensation of a spring breeze. A young, gay, Chinese-American man navigates the coming out conversation with his immigrant parents while being honest throughout.

Two fourteen-year-old Latino boys live together with their mothers on the shore of Lake Michigan. When they realize that they each have feelings for the other, they clandestinely pursue a physical relationship.