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In a world where death is impermanent, a young woman wakes again and again in a futuristic dating center where wealthy men visit long-dead women and decide whether or not to pay for their body's full revival.

After the death of her father, a teen girl learns to navigate family demands and her own personal desires as she grows up and pursues an education.

When a grandfather attempts to bring his grandson out of his shell by taking him to a musical in New York, curated and incessant ads almost prevent them from seeing the show.

All over a large city, people are disappearing down rabbit holes into fantasy worlds which are tailor-made just for them. As a young woman watches the streets of her city empty, she begins to worry that her own custom-made rabbit hole may never appear—and she could be stuck in the human world forever.

A mother and her thirteen-year-old son spend their first Christmas in Galway, where festivities go smoothly until the son suddenly disappears the morning after Christmas.