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A young woman tutors a rich thirteen-year-old girl, and their sessions together prompt the woman to reflect on her less-privileged teenage years and how she ended up with the job she has.

A twenty-two-year-old male tutor gives various women feedback on their writing in letter form. When he quits his job, he visits one of his former correspondents for lunch at her apartment.

The estranged daughter of a writer visits his apartment to take care of his belongings after he passes away. She finds his lingering presence in the form of notes scattered throughout the room, and as she reads the words he has left behind, she tries to process his death and the lack of reconciliation in their relationship.

A woman addicted to narcotics works as a waitress and fixes up her apartment in hopes of getting back her son from foster care after throwing him against a wall.

A man tells his assistant about his first marriage when they go on a business trip to Chicago after the company opens up a new branch in the building he used to live in with his first wife.

An ex-couple spends the afternoon together catching up in a valley they used to call their own, a month after the man loses his job. He paints, and she watches birds.

A young woman in Nashville helps mediate her roommate's messy relationship when her drunk boyfriend insists on coming over late at night.

In modern day NYC, an unmarried, fifty-something-year-old lawyer takes a year off work to contemplate her fate and plunges into an obsession with the life of the 19th century writer George Eliot—and with recreating Eliot's lifelong love affair.

In a futuristic world, a young artist learns more about his grandfather, who is hiding from the government because he was accused of swindling. As the young artist navigates the art world and complicated relationships, he also discovers more about his family and the stolen money.

When a mysterious new member joins a group of struggling authors, the friends discover that they may have a supernatural creature in their midst, who can grant a single author success above all the others—but at a cost.