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As an orphaned Floridian boy grows up to become a mathematician with a healthy family of his own in the 20th century, the memory of his unhappy father lingers, threatening his peace of mind.

The estranged daughter of a writer visits his apartment to take care of his belongings after he passes away. She finds his lingering presence in the form of notes scattered throughout the room, and as she reads the words he has left behind, she tries to process his death and the lack of reconciliation in their relationship.

Following her father's death, a woman moves into a cheap apartment complex and attends AA meetings while her mother channels her grief into constructing an elaborate enclosure for a desert tortoise she wishes to adopt.

In a small American town beset by frequent disappearances of Dominican American girls that are ignored by police, a teenage girl explores her sexuality and experiences sexual harassment while she saves up to move to Chicago following the death of her father.

Shorty after WWII, a young girl and her mother are forced to move into her grandmother's mysterious and bleak house after her beloved father dies from a heart attack.

After a Native American man learns that his father has died in Phoenix, an estranged childhood friend and current social outcast offers him the money he needs to fly there from the reservation to make arrangements and collect his small inheritance. But there's one stipulation: he has to bring the outcast with him.