Short stories tagged with Overcoming Grief

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A female doctor mourns the loss of her past lover during a hazardous skydiving expedition.

A grieving sheriff takes it upon himself to battle the opium epidemic in his area after losing his nephew and wife to a drug dealer known only as the "hellbender."

A genius mathematician in India struggles to define infinity and maintain friendships despite the dangers posed by rising tensions between Muslims and Hindus.

When a father's child is swallowed by a sinkhole, his quest for answers leads him into the dark secrets of an abandoned mine and a 1920's corporate cover-up.

A descendant of the deep one struggles to find faith and magic again after watching her kind be slaughtered in American internment camps, their rituals stolen by clueless mortals.

When Lindsome's parents ship her off to stay with her inventor uncle while they travel abroad, she finds herself trapped in a monstrous mansion full of the living dead.

In a post-apocalyptic world, a girl struggles to keep her family united after her father kills their neighbor and is strapped to the rotting corpse in punishment.

A 597-year-old cop on a distant planet comes to terms with his instincts to run from his feelings rather than face them during the worst storm his civilization has ever seen.