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While fishing with his friend in the Mississippi River, a black teenager is drawn into a biblical affair involving the souls of all Black Americans.

A Black, transgender, college girl spends the week agonizing over cookies she’s baking to impress her dorm mates and seeks assurance from a portrait of her aunt.

With a fresh fade and new Jordans, a teenage boy hopes his new look will impress his crush, but worries that their differences are too extreme.

A teenage girl living in an abusive church compound meets a farmer while evangelizing in the town. With the help of the farmer, she escapes from the compound.

After the deaths of his parents, an enslaved man seeks the guidance of his elderly neighbor. She reveals his family history, and he discovers his undeniable yearning for freedom.

A boy’s idolized uncle immigrates to the United States. As the child grows into a man in late twentieth-century Nigeria, his relative’s absence takes a toll on the family. When the two men finally meet up years later, the encounter reveals unfulfilled dreams.

When a Black teenage girl is groped at a club, she quickly realizes that everyone will place the blame on her. She thinks back to an old friend who was cornered in a similar situation and abandoned by everyone else.

A Black teenager falls in love with a Muslim girl at a high school competition, only to meet her again in college and find that she has changed.

A young Barbadian woman takes her twisted revenge on a scorned lover during a bacchanalian Carnival celebration.

When a Black teenager is forced to spend her last summer before college in her grandmother’s small town, she meets a girl who makes her want to stay longer.