Short stories published in Transition

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A man, obsessed with a girl twenty-nine years younger than him, is taken to jail for trying to seduce a minor, and wishes he could find a way to help others understand their relationship.

An overprotective mother attempts to get her teenage daughter to tell her why she is so upset. In an erratic and panicked conversation, the daughter reveals an unimaginable problem they must tackle together.

A teenage girl living in an abusive church compound meets a farmer while evangelizing in the town. With the help of the farmer, she escapes from the compound.

A young boy goes away for the weekend to pick potatoes with his friends and evaluates his friendships along the way.

A country doctor has been treating a dying woman for a while. However, as she dies, the doctor realizes how pointless everything is.

Two men who work for a newspaper in Paris escape the gloomy weather to take a fishing trip in the south of France.