Short stories tagged with Ancestors

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A Black, transgender, college girl spends the week agonizing over cookies she’s baking to impress her dorm mates and seeks assurance from a portrait of her aunt.

A young woman living in California in the near future reflects on the disasters that have destroyed most of the world around her. She finds comfort amidst the chaos through special abilities that she inherited from her ancestors.

A tale of betrayal reveals that some people can't be trusted––and some people may not be people at all.

Throughout her life, a young woman from the future has gathered evidence about her ancestors to understand the way they lived before and during the era when society was reimagined.

In an attempt to mend her family's generational trauma, a young Black girl embarks on a four-day therapeutic retreat that will end in reconnecting with their enslaved ancestors.

A Black woman returns to her childhood farm home with her boyfriend, and tries to get him to understand what the land means to her.

A group of young Black women known as the "Furious Girls" are ostracized by their town because of their often destructive ability to create fire. However, when a natural disaster looms over the town, the girls must return to save the people they love.

A young, Black woman clings desperately to a friendship and a relationship which both ended long ago. Through clashes with a "godmother" who appears as an apparition in her apartment, the woman finally resolves to move on.

A priest on a planet with aliens that commune with their dead must go on a pilgrimage when the first human at his outpost dies and becomes a confused ghost.

A woman struggles with shaky faith and emotional isolation from her son, which intensify when she goes to see him in prison. After one particularly difficult visit, she faces her fears with her brother’s help.