Short stories tagged with Second Person Narrative

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A man tries to determine the cost of a passionate but brief love affair, and his calculations lead him to a solemn but hopeful realization.

A young woman has a baby, but her traumatic past makes her doubt her capabilities of being a good mother.

A young woman’s insatiable hunger draws her to the sea, and despite her mother's efforts fights to suppress her daughter's urges, she is increasingly unable to hide her true self.

When the Grim Reaper breaks into a treacherous mansion, he unwittingly enters a trap that forces him to confront his violent past.

In the far future, an alien civilization captures pacifist protesters and, as punishment, turns them into mind-controlled soldiers forced to commit violence. Will they be able to resist the effects of the mind-controlling drug and rebel?

A researcher and his assistant conduct neuropsychological experiments on dogs with the understanding that the dogs will be terminated immediately after, but the reality of their killing is much more difficult to cope with.

Vignettes of a number of relationships, most of them troubled, are glimpsed through the descriptions of creatures in this bestiary of the imaginary.

In the Interwar Toledo of 1919, a young rich bachelor attends a costume ball dressed as a camel and disguises himself from his fed-up lover.

An injured man lays on a long stretch of sand looking up at the stars; his mind races back to previous injuries and illnesses, but he can't seem to get a grip on where he is or why he's there. He soon realizes that he's a long way from home, in outer space.

Your tire blows out on a long drive. While you try to fix it, an uncanny encounter leads to a fatal crash.