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A dog’s owners give her the ability to talk and realize she’s Black.

Humanity is gone, collectively vanished in an instant, leaving one single woman behind - or so she thinks. Then she meets the last man. Unfortunately, he's a jerk.

After his dog falls ill, a socially awkward middle-aged man struggles to navigate his day-to-day life without her.

After his father abandons him and his mother, leaving them with two hunting dogs, a teenage boy tries to save them from ending up in the shelter.

A little girl tells the story of how her ceramic figurines come from glazing little people that live in the walls of all houses.

A Black mail clerk faces potential unemployment when the white woman he likes files a workplace sexual harassment complaint against him.

A researcher and his assistant conduct neuropsychological experiments on dogs with the understanding that the dogs will be terminated immediately after, but the reality of their killing is much more difficult to cope with.

Vignettes of a number of relationships, most of them troubled, are glimpsed through the descriptions of creatures in this bestiary of the imaginary.

A man who has lived as both a seaman and a barber settles in the city, where he acquires a pet alligator.

A woman and her husband try to catch a mouse in their kitchen, but when the creature dies, it punctuates the lovelessness in their marriage.