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A woman investigates her brother's suspicious death in Antarctica and dwells on his wife's mysterious disappearance years ago.

In an apocalyptic far future, a man is trapped in an infinite loop of dreams.

In a lab nicknamed "Spiderhead," experiments involving mind-altering drugs are run on convicted murderers. After he sleeps with two female prisoners, a male prisoner is forced to decide which woman he would like to give a pain-inducing drug.

After his research proposal is unanimously rejected by the university board, a well-renowned college professor and his wife conduct an experimental study in the 1950s. The experiment, which gives a lab rat human consciousness through a robot body, becomes dangerous when a crucial factor goes unnoticed.

A researcher and his assistant conduct neuropsychological experiments on dogs with the understanding that the dogs will be terminated immediately after, but the reality of their killing is much more difficult to cope with.

A young man working in an intense laboratory falls madly in love with a machine that can invent new sensations on this skin - until the experiment is destroyed.