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Jo's secret love for her coworker, sweet Catholic Lucia Mazzano, turns into a feverish obsession which crashes around her feet when Lucia finds a beau. Unable to stand the pain, Jo begins sabotaging Lucia's work in the law firm.

In contemporary Connecticut, a 19-year-old boy works at a mechanic shop where he emulates the boss but has an affair with his boss's wife.

A girl is taken by the spirited of death, Letty, but not before she hears the horrific story of Letty's death at the hands of a white man.

A chef is bicycling home when he discovers two dead bodies. When he discovers a clue that the police miss, he decides to conduct his own investigation.

In the near future, a robot engineer with a skill for seances arrives at a rival paleontologist camp with instructions to sabotage their work. Instead, her seance skills connects her spiritually with ancient dinosaurs who send their modern day descendants to her rescue when she realizes she has been betrayed.

A young man working in an intense laboratory falls madly in love with a machine that can invent new sensations on this skin - until the experiment is destroyed.