Short stories tagged with Breakups

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After nearly breaking up with her boyfriend, a young woman distracts herself in the company of a charming guest who is seeking respite from his own set of problems.

A college sophomore meets a thirty-something-year-old guy while working. Despite being exciting initially, the relationship heads towards uncomfortable territory.

A married woman has a conversation with her friend's ex-boyfriend who expresses his regret for a series of failed relationships. Though the woman is happily married, these conversations remind her of her own regrets and abusive ex-husband.

A lonely man hears a story about a blind African-American basketball player and wonders if the story may have saved his broken relationship.

A college sophomore returns home after breaking up with a serious boyfriend, sending her parents into a flurry of worry over her listless behavior. But who is really taking care of whom?

During a vacation in France, old friends and family struggle to connect with each other when they are unable to see past their own problems.

When a Chinese American female triathlete dates a Burmese man, she does so because she wants sex. But when the man starts to make her feel happy, she pulls away, caring more about her own sexual satisfaction than the man's emotions or her own.

When the father of a college-aged girl, who works in a mail center and has taken to stealing her classmates' mail, comes to visit, he sexually assaults his daughter, as he has been doing since she was a young girl.

A couple who met online eventually move in together in New York City, but overtime, their relationship completely falls apart.

A woman with minimal relationship experience deals with the aftermath of her choice between her first love and her sick father.