Short stories tagged with Power Dynamics

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A middle-aged New York editor becomes entranced by a young female writer whose work he rejects. As they meet more and more frequently for coffee, the editor endlessly analyzes whether or not the young woman shares his interest in becoming more than friends.

A Black woman reflects on her experiences as a slave on a plantation, where she not only witnessed but also committed inconceivable violence.

When a young man moves in with his pregnant girlfriend's family in the Pacific Northwest, he feels increasingly trapped by his girlfriend's secrets, her brother's drunken behavior, and the demanding land on the family's orchard.

A young girl who becomes blind, deaf, and crippled in the name of science, finds herself falling in love with her caretaker.

When a sick, human-eating reptile knocks on a man's front door, the man must reconcile his fear with his desire to help the creature.

On a distant planet where the citizens are made of porcelain, a low-class woman makes the mistake of falling in love with a human tourist.

After her family moves from Peru to Colombia, Lila develops an unlikely friendship with her disabled maid, Estrellita.

A drunken, lonely man's ranch becomes the site of problems one Wyoming summer, as the ranching community is riddled with misfortune and relational tensions.

A Black mail clerk faces potential unemployment when the white woman he likes files a workplace sexual harassment complaint against him.

A seventeen-year-old boy falls in love with a girl, but the boy's boss wants her as a second wife.