Short stories published in Alaska Quarterly Review

Listing 7 stories.

When a young boy witnesses an odd event from the window of his small-town house, he begins to doubt the stability of the world around him.

After her father’s sudden death, a middle-aged woman must navigate the absurdities of funeral arrangements while coming to terms with grief itself.

A violent murder takes place in a small town in Arkansas, culminating in rumors of satanic rituals, debauched conspiracies, and the accusations of three boys.

Confronted with a disconsolate teenage daughter who’s convinced she’s hideous, a modern father searches for the words that will heal his little girl.

Wild Turkey, returned from Iraq to a state of homelessness and addiction, drifts amid the memories of his military training and the atrocities of the war.

A bookkeeper for a new grocery store falls for the building inspector of her store. When the inspector tragically ends up in a coma, she must become the primary caretaker of his brother who lives in a facility for people who suffer from mental illness.

A hitman rides into a small town to kill his current target, but the assignment does not go according to plan.