Short stories tagged with Appearance

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A man who has given everything to his friend's farm equipment business fends off onslaughts personal, emotional, and professional even as the real threat eludes him completely.

A man with a large birthmark on his face reflects on his life and the neighbor girl he used to know as he cleans up the garden of his family home years after his parents have passed away.

A little girl sits down by her dying grandmother’s bedside to receive an important warning about how she should live her life with the knowledge that death will come to her, too.

A recently married couple quarrels about their aspirations and fears for the future while walking through the park.

Following a late-stage divorce, a woman suffering from depression and nostalgic for childhood reflects on her romantic and sexual history and her relationship with her mother.

Confronted with a disconsolate teenage daughter who’s convinced she’s hideous, a modern father searches for the words that will heal his little girl.