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In 1951, when two Philadelphia Phillies players are demoted to the Double A, they decide to play their summer season in Cuba.

When child protective services shows up on her doorstep with a stepson she's never met, a woman hauls the kid to her childhood home in Idaho. She finds work as a fire lookout and grows attached to the child, who is put in danger by natural disaster.

When the father of an accomplished boxer bets on one of his son's matches, the son loses and the family finds themselves in a deluge of debt. Soon, they are involved with dangerous mobsters and a world full of fixed fights and broken deals.

An employee of a tech company attends the yearly business conference on a boat only to be one of just a few individuals who remain unaffected by a mysterious illness.

Following the death of his abusive father, a young man finds a photo album revealing a collection of haunting moments that he does not remember.

After a string of girls from a prominent high school are found brutally murdered, two undercover cops have to work to dismantle the school's ironclad hierarchy and uncover the killer.

The Jewish inhabitants of Poland are forced into relocation when a war invades their previously untouched city. When they escape via train, they find themselves on board with circus performers, so they too practice performing in order to blend in before the train arrives at their next show.

Will Williams, a young Black man, recounts the moment the trajectory of his life changed —when he met his doppelgänger, who became bent on sabotaging Will's life.