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Susan's slow poisoning of her abusive husband starts to feel more immoral to her brother as he befriends the broken man. When is the murder of an abusive husband not okay? As Susan slowing poisons Frank to death, her brother comes to understand how the broken man came to be. Susan's slow poisoning of her abusive husband starts to feel more immoral to her brother as he learns about the man's tragic character.

A sister remains a faithful friend to her brother as he navigates the strict parenting of their military father, spending his youth fighting in Vietnam, and his return home after the war as a changed man living apart from his family and forging his own path in life for the first time.

Forty-four year old Fenton sneaks off one night to play high-stakes card games with other male members who live in the "hills."

A manager at a railroad electrifying company reluctantly takes on a man who is being abused by his wife, allowing him to try his best at the job and earn some money. Unfortunately, the man’s hard work is soon eclipsed by his wife’s brutality.

After an explosive argument with his father, a teenager runs away. His brother suspects he is staying with a friend in Brooklyn and goes to retrieve him.

Lou, a middle-aged record producer, brings his two kids, Rolph (11) and Charlie (14), and his new girlfriend Mindy (23) to a safari run by an old friend in Kenya.

A teenage boy in the throes of sulky, rebellious adolescence begins stealing a farmer's cannabis plants for quick cash—until his choices come back to bite him.

A six-year-old boy visiting his extended family for Christmas on the East coast must survive the constant abuse from his toxically masculine father which sends him further and further into the recesses of his imagination.

Marty struggles to find acceptance amongst the neighborhood boys who bully him, and, when he does, he becomes a bully himself.

A man estranged from his family returns to his family-owned farm to seek redemption or revenge.