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After one of his best friends commits suicide, a sixth-grader exacts his revenge on the teacher whose sexual abuse led his friend to his death.

A boy living in poverty in Louisiana needs a winter coat, but can't afford one because his father is too afraid to work.

Lou, a middle-aged record producer, brings his two kids, Rolph (11) and Charlie (14), and his new girlfriend Mindy (23) to a safari run by an old friend in Kenya.

An autistic, selectively mute eight-year-old boy befriends a girl who secretly murders neighborhood pets. He becomes the accomplice to her sociopathic crimes, in the hopes that she can somehow lead him back to his dead twin brother.

A delusional ruler puts the sun on trial to convince his people that the world is in an ice age, when it is actually unbearably hot. When a child's grandfather is forced to defend the sun, he is punished for revealing the truth.

When a young girl finds that she can no longer visit the magical world she loved as a child, she tries to find her way back to that world while struggling with the challenges of growing up.