Short stories by Gary McMahon


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An English family is on the run because the father has become paranoid about the monsters that he sees everywhere, and the mother wonders how long they can continue like this.

Raising a troubled eight-year-old boy, two parents seek psychiatric assistance to help him cope with his anger issues. When his mother stumbles across a hand-crafted coffin the boy made for his father, she realizes the assistance they will need far exceeds that of a psychiatrist.

Following the death of his abusive father, a young man finds a photo album revealing a collection of haunting moments that he does not remember.

Two regulars at a bar are left questioning life and death when the prostitute of one of the barmen commits suicide, but instead of dying, her body has become reanimated with a supernatural spirit.

A lonely widower finds his pet cat's corpse disturbingly emptied of all blood, flesh, and bone. As he searches for answers, he discovers a supernatural presence may be threatening him and his neighborhood.