Short stories tagged with Thanksgiving

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After a dangerous encounter with a predatory artist in the 1980s, a former artist-turned-housewife tries to imbue her oblivious teenage daughter with that same fear of men that leaves her cold decades later.

A woman struggles to care for her son, who was diagnosed with schizophrenia as a young man and has now lived in a mental hospital for over ten years.

Three generations of men grapple with the effects of unemployment and lost hope over Thanksgiving.

After surprising her new boyfriend by inviting her entire family to their Thanksgiving dinner, a woman panics as her perfect plan devolves into chaos.

A pack of hunting dogs, their male owner, and their female trainer travel through a secret passage that exists underneath a thin layer of ice covering a dried-out Saskatchewan lake basin.

One Thanksgiving Day, a young boy in a big family in Nashville watches as his older siblings, aunt, uncle, and parents find their purpose in life and become strangers to him.

An unwanted reunion between two women for the holiday season makes a protective mother anxious and eventually pushes her over the edge.