Short stories tagged with Reunion

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A middle-aged man awaiting divorce papers meets up with an old acquaintance from high school and gets into a heated argument with the friend’s wife.

A Basque woman tells a moving story of a found family with three daughters, born in unconventional circumstances.

Cinnamon Jones, an old woman hiding out from the post-Water War high tech capitalist environment, is visited by old lovers in disguise.

A young boy whose brother has died arrives in America with his family. They had hidden the death from their father, and now the family must tell him the truth.

After his grandson’s estranged mother comes back to town, a man must struggle with his long-held sexual attraction for the woman, his son’s ex-girlfriend.

A privileged young woman from New England falls in love with a practical Midwesterner, but can their love withstand the grief of losing a child?

Told in 5 parts, the Spring Festival takes us to Jiangnan, Chin. We meet a newly turned 1-year-old, a drone privacy invasion, matchmaking clones, a holographic classmate, and a runaway visit to see the moon.

After reuniting with an old friend, a man reconsiders whether he is fulfilling his life purpose by working as a farmer.

A former Marine suffering from PTSD kills a teenage boy on the beach during a paranoid episode, forcing his childhood best friend and military buddy to come try to bring him in—dead or alive.

A man picks up his wife's grandfather from the airport after years of separation. However, the man must comfort his wife when she realizes her grandfather's memory is failing and he no longer recognizes her.