Short stories published in The Threepenny Review

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A teenage girl spends her summer riding horses to waste time while she waits for a letter from her recently enlisted boyfriend to come.

An aging single woman's landlord has promised to butcher her beloved pet pig if she doesn't sell it in time, and her deadline is rapidly approaching.

When a gay writer is hit over the head and knocked out by his Slovenian friend, he finds himself aimless in New York City, unable to do anything more than read about Eastern European history, retell the same story over again, and wait for his friend to return.

A young woman prepares in case there is a natural disaster, unaware that wildfires, earthquakes, and stormy politics have already begun — and will continue — to complicate her relationship with her boyfriend.

A man moving to San Francisco finds himself dragged into conversation with his neighbor on the plane, a woman who is fleeing New Jersey after her affair with her sister's husband.

A young writer attends a writer's workshop where she begins a relationship with an author whose books she loves. But after they move in together, she finds that his life begins to suffuse every aspect of hers.

After his grandson’s estranged mother comes back to town, a man must struggle with his long-held sexual attraction for the woman, his son’s ex-girlfriend.

An old man reflects on his youth in the countryside in twentieth-century Kentucky, and thinks of the freedom now lost to industrialization and displacement.

A woman who has embarked on an affair with a local married man grows worried when the manipulative girl working in her shop begins using the secret as blackmail.

A professor and mother recounts the summer before 9/11, which she spent with her son touring London. While visiting various monuments around the city, she grows anxious and resentful over the loss of her son's youth and innocence.