Short stories tagged with Strained Marriage.

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After her identical twin goes missing in a small, suburban town, a sixteen-year-old girl reflects on her parents' crumbling marriage and muddles through life without her other half.

A lonely young boy navigates his sexually-frustrated mother and closeted gay father's unhappy marriage.

In present-day New York City, a strained lawyer writes to a stranger, an eating disorder doctor, in hopes of confronting the man about an overheard phone conversation.

After his car breaks down at the base of a steep hill, a man encounters a stranger and walks with him to the ranch at the top of the hill, both seeking to solve the mystery of why the stranger’s wife has been taking apart their ranch piece by piece.

A suburban middle-aged wife in contemporary America organizes an intervention with her children for their loving but alcoholic father. As the pieces come together, she tries to back away from the plan out of solidarity with her husband because of how he dealt with her past transgressions.

In contemporary Connecticut, a 19-year-old boy works at a mechanic shop where he emulates the boss but has an affair with his boss's wife.

One Mother's Day, two old women reflect on their relationships with their children--present and absent--and with the same adulterous man. When their paths cross at a crucial moment, one woman's refusal to accept the help of her husband's secret lover leads to her death.

A mother witnesses her increasingly distant husband become obsessed with nearby wildlife and acquire bird-like behaviors.

An elderly couple argue over their farm and house labor. When they agree to switch responsibilities, they must confront their obstinacy, strained relationship, and most significantly, exhausted old age as they struggle to complete their tasks.