Short stories tagged with Old Age

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After witnessing a wife wracked with grief stand over her husband's dead body, a priest is filled with anxiety at the thought of both his own and his loved ones' mortality.

After listening to advice from a psychic, a struggling artist visits her aunt with dementia and tries to understand the meaning behind her seemingly meaningless words and how they will affect her life.

A somewhat estranged family grapples with the impending death of their mother.

In 2038, a woman visits her estranged father’s retirement community to find that he has replaced her with a robot in the form of a little girl.

An old woman reminisces about her twenties in NYC and her relationship with the family down the hall after she meets the younger daughter on a plane one day.

A woman married at the age of sixteen sits in an out of the way cottage with her elderly husband longing for a life with other young people.

A boy in Pennsylvania watches his dad slowly come to the realization that his pre-fatherhood dream of being in the circus will never happen.

A father reflects on his parental failures and his growing age as he drives through California on a rainy night.

A man dismisses his mentally-ill wife’s worries over the frequent appearances of skinned rabbit corpses in their yard until she suddenly goes missing.

Burdened by the memories of her time in Nazi-occupied Poland, a woman destroys her antique shop in New York and moves to Florida, but is still haunted by a persistent researcher and visions of her deceased daughter.