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A forty-five thousand pound coil triggers a memory for Kendra from when she was sixteen: driving on a truck with her mostly-absent father, watching her father play banjo, and thinking about a self-destructive girl.

A young girl asks her mom about her absent father, but ends up stuck inside a picture frame than once held a photo of him.

A father reflects on his parental failures and his growing age as he drives through California on a rainy night.

A Chinese American mother dates a Chinese man in New York City and tries to convince herself that she is in love — despite how she mourns the recent death of her husband.

Abandoned by her father, a young anorexic girl grows jealous of her best friend, who's father loves her so much he cuts away pieces of her. The girl wants nothing more than to inhabit her best friend's life, but she must pay a heavy price to replace her.

After a misunderstanding, a young girl’s mother begins to accuse her of promiscuity and shame her for interacting with the neighborhood boys.

In a distant future, a young woman travels to a planet that all are forbidden from visiting and finds an alien that looks and speaks exactly like her long-lost father. But will she be able to escape?

During the tumult of the Mexican Revolution, an adventurous young girl and her sickly brother hide in a cave from the soldiers pillaging their village. When they discover they’re being stalked by an escaped tiger, the girl risks her life to save her brother.