Short stories tagged with African American

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After hiring multiple caretakers, one after another, a family finds a near perfect woman whom they adore. However, they are met with a surprise when the caretaker's term comes to an end.

In a reality where the civil war ended in a stalemate, a brilliant enslaved engineer and a freed former airship pilot fight to prevent the rebels from destroying the new country that African Americans were able to form.

A Black, American-born physicist ignores his colleagues' warnings about tampering with the timeline and— in an effort to alter a history of racism and violence towards his people—decides to change history himself.

A woman married at the age of sixteen sits in an out of the way cottage with her elderly husband longing for a life with other young people.

A white soldier plots to kill a Black lieutenant, but the Black lieutenant knows how to keep his enemies close.

An African American man from the twentieth century goes back in time to prevent his town from being destroyed by a mob of violent whites.

A white reverend has given up a considerable amount of his good life to support a Black political campaign.

An Italian poet visits her friend in Madagascar, where they attempt to help the illegitimate daughter of a wealthy Italian.

A woman living in post-apocalyptic America joins a convent and decides to help her new sisters battle against mutant monsters living in the lake nearby.

Two western style cowboys enter a frontier town on a job from a rich crime lord looking for his ex-wife who betrayed him.