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In a reality where the civil war ended in a stalemate, a brilliant enslaved engineer and a freed former airship pilot fight to prevent the rebels from destroying the new country that African Americans were able to form.

In between worrying about the street explosions that have been wracking her wealthy New York neighborhood and grieving her late husband, a white landlord begins to suspect that her Asian second-floor tenant is building a bomb.

When the 1979 June 4th Revolution in Ghana spreads across the country, the people of a small town quickly change from hopeful to fearful as life becomes violent. To cope, they must turn to the most powerful presence in their lives.

Five nuns survive the bombing of their convent during a war, but they must tend to unfinished business in the ruins before they can leave the town.

A World War II era fairytale-like story of two young evacuees who witness a strange event in childhood, and are reunited in adulthood by a long serious of unlikely coincidences. During World War II, two young evacuees witness a strange event in their childhood. This event leaves a strong impression on both girls, and it proceeds to shape their futures into a long series of unlikely coincidences.