Short stories tagged with Physics.

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A millennial in an unnamed American city recruits his girlfriend, his friend, and his friend's Home Depot coworker on a mission to circle around the moon.

While attending a science convention in Hollywood, a physicist begins to notice similarities between quantum theory and her own life.

In the year 2000, Orion is a young software developer who’s hit it big with his tech company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Despite his long-term relationship, success, and newfound riches, he feels an emptiness in his life, leading him into dangerous territory.

An older Indian man recounts his story of "alien" encounters on Mars during Saturday tea.

A Black, American-born physicist ignores his colleagues' warnings about tampering with the timeline and— in an effort to alter a history of racism and violence towards his people—decides to change history himself.

When a physics professor reaches the cusp of his greatest work, he pressures his friend into sharing research information and lands himself into trouble with the U.S. military.

In an alternative timeline, a physics-loving, homosexual British mathematician finds himself alive and given a second chance at pursuing his studies.

A young man struggles to rationalize with fate as he watches the people he loves experience immense pain and suffering. As he learns more about the physics of the universe and slowly teaches himself how to travel through time, he begins experiencing surreal moments where he can actually see the alternative paths he and his loved ones could have taken, and how they would all have been different if they had.

Two American astronomers work to understand why fixed stars are moving at impossible rates, only to find that a corrupt and wealthy inventor is behind the entire phenomenon.

A woman on a rescue mission in deep space finds a ship existing with its own laws of physics due to the void.