Short stories tagged with Mathematics

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In a future Boston, a passenger train disappears from a subway system so complex the system creates a second dimension. Government officials work to retrieve the missing car, but struggle to solve the impossible mathematic equations the system created.

As an orphaned Floridian boy grows up to become a mathematician with a healthy family of his own in the 20th century, the memory of his unhappy father lingers, threatening his peace of mind.

A mathematician tries to convince his machinist friend to travel through time with him, leading to a heated discussion of man’s hubris and the possible paradoxes that could open up if they disturb the time-space continuum.

An older Indian man recounts his story of "alien" encounters on Mars during Saturday tea.

When his wife becomes pregnant, a doctoral mathematics student watches her slowly pull away from him. He begins to lose touch with reality until a shocking revelation brings him crashing back to Earth.

In an alternative timeline, a physics-loving, homosexual British mathematician finds himself alive and given a second chance at pursuing his studies.

After a husband and wife team up to use quantum physics to cheat a casino out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, they make a shady deal with the casino's owner to avoid jail time.

While waiting for an unrequited love to return, an elderly woman ruminates on her role in discovering an elegant alien technology. She feels death approaching and regrets not seeing her love again before she passes—only for him to arrive in the nick of time.

Otto, a middle-aged lawyer, is invited to his estranged family's Thanksgiving dinner with the stipulation that Otto must attempt to bring along his reclusive younger sister.

A housewife lets a hardworking seventeen-year-old boy with a difficult past rent a room in her house, which results in an unlikely friendship as he learns about kindness and trust.