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After getting caught up in a barfight, a robot discusses his faulty plans for immortality with an engineering-savvy old man and his imaginative granddaughter.

When a notebook full of top-secret designs is looted from a Brooklyn saloon, a Latino drummer and his inventor girlfriend must go on a quest to retrieve it from a rival Manhattan gang.

A mathematician tries to convince his machinist friend to travel through time with him, leading to a heated discussion of man’s hubris and the possible paradoxes that could open up if they disturb the time-space continuum.

An aeronautical engineer joins a poaching team in a universe called “Sky” and grows increasingly uncomfortable with the ways in which animals are being killed and the impact this is having on the environment.

When two friends purchased a housemaid robot that resembles Helen of Troy, the robot falls in love with one of them, creating chaos in their once-harmonious household.

Two male Nazi engineers hide their illicit romance while at work aboard the Hindenburg in 1937. En route to New York, one of the engineer’s flirtations with a female passenger leads to tragic misunderstandings and a tragic end.

Police piece together the death of a middle-aged Indian man by speaking to people who knew him.

When the Dalai Lama approaches a New York engineer with a strange request, mankind finds itself closer to the end of the world than ever before.

Despite his children and grandchildren living on the futuristic New Earth, an elderly man refuses to evacuate a destroyed Earth because of his ties to the land and its environment. With the help of two young girls, he learns to capture some of the magic of his home away from home.

When a beautiful young girl is woken up aboard a spaceship traveling to a new planet, she must call on an artificial intelligence system for help to save herself and the 30,000 people on the ship with her.