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A millennial in an unnamed American city recruits his girlfriend, his friend, and his friend's Home Depot coworker on a mission to circle around the moon.

When a shipbreaker travels to an African island to shut down a shipyard owned by his employer, he meets an ex-Corporate America worker who pushes him to reconsider.

In a New York City of the near future, a middle-aged suit finds his life upturned when online terrorists accuse him of humanitarian crimes in front of everyone he knows.

A desperate former arsonist attends a job fair where major American companies offer prisoners the chance to become public brand ambassadors.

A day in the life of a businessman consists of questioning the meaning of life and closing in on a dangerous business venture in the midst of WWII.

Want to know more about an exciting corporate opportunity wherein employers play host to a reptilian parasite designed to increase work productivity? Read this informational pamphlet from your friendly dystopian society to find out! One of the leading gene editing companies in a dystopian future wants to sew a reptilian parasite onto their employee's back in order to increase their work productivity.

A Manhattan businessman is stalked by his former secretary and one-night stand on a train ride home.

In a contemporary home in Southern California, a box that allows people to relive past moments of their lives complicates an already-strained father-daughter relationship.

An industrious journalist who makes a living spreading fake news during Trump's first presidential term receives a rude ethical awakening when one of his colleagues is accused of criminal acts.