Short stories tagged with Hopeless Ending

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A disagreement between a cavern tour guide and his "hippie" dance-instructor wife over whether to risk growing weed in order to scrape by ends with him living alone in an RV behind his friend's house, spiraling into alcoholism.

In the dead of winter and feverish with a coke addiction, a young college dropout wanders around her old university's campus and tries to reconnect with her former lesbian lover.

After crossing a deadly river, three men—a brutish warrior, a dubious prince, and an amnesiac elderly man—band together to survive, but are soon torn apart by murder, memories, and the allure of life on the other side of the river.

In a contemporary home in Southern California, a box that allows people to relive past moments of their lives complicates an already-strained father-daughter relationship.

A teenage girl in 1970s England falls in love with a boy who introduces her to Samuel Beckett and Bob Dylan. What starts off as an innocent relationship, however, turns into something that neither of them will ever be able to erase.

A depressed, divorced father visits his son in Southern California, hoping to encounter a bit of joie de vivre, if for only a few days.

While spending a summer in the outskirts of the Dominican Republic, two brothers obsess over a local boy who wears a mask because his face was chewed off by a pig.