Short stories tagged with Delusion

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A woman finally forms a relationship with her half-sister, but becomes concerned for her well-being; the half-sister and her husband each tell the woman a different story.

A man suddenly realizes that he hates his wife, and resolves to free himself.

A middle-aged white woman reflects on her youth during the 1970s and her experience as a hardcore fan of Elvis.

A young white girl backpacking through Kenya imposes upon a couple she tangentially knows and has a life-changing near-death experience.

In the dead of winter and feverish with a coke addiction, a young college dropout wanders around her old university's campus and tries to reconnect with her former lesbian lover.

After crossing a deadly river, three men—a brutish warrior, a dubious prince, and an amnesiac elderly man—band together to survive, but are soon torn apart by murder, memories, and the allure of life on the other side of the river.