Short stories tagged with Madness

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An American writer listens as the father of his friend tells the story of a writer he met in Paris many years ago who was tortured and taunted by Parisian aristocrats until he's driven mad.

In a futuristic world, the sun's rays are causing a species of aliens called Rodite to turn mad and control the planet. Along with his ragtag team, an alien man must defeat the Rodite before all life on their planet is destroyed.

Under the cover of secretarial work in a psychiatric unit, the protagonist records patients’ dreams in a logbook dedicated to Johnny Panic, believing themself a disciple to the omniscient master of fear and creator of all dreams. When the protagonist spends the night at the unit for unfettered access to patient records, the clinic director takes them away to a secure room for electroshock therapy.

A girl's father goes missing when he goes to visit an abandoned house that is surrounded by grass and large vegetables despite being in the dust bowl.

In a Wonderland where Alice is now the Red Queen, her maid walks a dangerous line between absolute loyalty and treason to the crown.

When a mysterious object threatens to kill the ocean ecosystem, the headmistress of a women's university in Africa and her students must traverse the waters to find the mad scientist responsible for putting it there.

After crossing a deadly river, three men—a brutish warrior, a dubious prince, and an amnesiac elderly man—band together to survive, but are soon torn apart by murder, memories, and the allure of life on the other side of the river.

A party traveling west to California experiences unspeakable horror when they become trapped on an impassable trail in the winter.

A disturbed man — consumed by fury at the world and the wickedness he believes it contains — attempts to kidnap a little girl and meets a brutal end.

After a chance encounter with a mysterious teenage girl, a lonely woman gets pulled into the girl's sinister family drama.