Short stories tagged with Body Horror

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An unhappy housewife lives the same morning over and over again until finally giving in to the darkness inside.

Two struggling dream-fabbers in a future relying entirely on dreamed creations must save their tanking careers, by any means necessary.

An intrepid caver, determined to save the woman she loves, descends into caverns where beautiful music supposedly drives humans to insanity and violence.

A man picks up his grandmother-in-law from the airport and hears her say strange words as she drops and breaks her glasses, prompting her to remember the horrible loss of a fateful little pig during her childhood.

The inhabitants of middle-of-nowhere Gultree think the new man in town is a snake oil salesman, while in reality, he's much, much worse.

A sergeant and two privates are stranded in the desert after a bomb blast hits their convoy, but soon are approached by another survivor of the blasts who is not what she seems.

A man dismisses his mentally-ill wife’s worries over the frequent appearances of skinned rabbit corpses in their yard until she suddenly goes missing.

A couple aboard their pleasure yacht on the Amazon River begins to experience the strangest sense of déjà vu, noticing from the quality of the food and their memories of previous days on the ship that their actions seem to repeat.