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In a 21st-century all-girls school, a Filipina fifth-grader and her best friends are preparing for the school fair, where their classes are in charge of hosting the annual Haunted House. However, things haven't been the same for the group since one of the best friends claimed to have opened her Third Eye. Despite their classes' superstitions, the protagonist doesn't believe in ghosts and brushes off her best friend's claims. Her callousness challenges their friendship, and when the night of the Haunted House comes, she will realize just how dire the consequences of her disbelief are. In a 21st-century all-girls elementary school, violent lore about a long-dead student dominates hallway gossip. To a certain Filipina fifth-grader, however, the supernatural is all fun and games, so when her best friend claims to have opened her Third Eye, she brushes it off as a grab for attention. Her callousness challenges their relationship, and as her best friend recedes further inside herself, the fifth-grader realizes that her disbelief has consequences far direr than losing a friend.

In modern-day Philadelphia, an old, Korean married couple navigates the aging husband's Alzheimer's as best as they can. When the wife's secret that she also has a chronic disease comes out, her husband must fight to remember how to take care of their family.

When a young Black woman shows up at her crazy dead aunt's apartment in New York City with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, she finds none of the money she'd been hoping to inherit. Instead, in a hidden treasure chest, they discover a dead body, a shotgun, and a machete, sealed with a tempting offer from the Devil. The couple takes the deal and, hungry for blood, sets off to wreak havoc on the blue suits that have violently policed their communities for so long.