Short stories tagged with Creepy

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In a contemporary rural American town, a psychopathic 60-year-old man strikes up a deceitful relationship with his young female neighbor.

A pregnant woman in Nigeria makes friends with a stranger at the hospital; next thing she knows he is ripping her baby out of her.

After getting hired by a family in the New England suburbs, a young nanny tells the children scary folktales. When the boy begins to have night terrors and the boy's father falls gravely ill, she suspects that it is more than mere ghost stories that haunt the family.

An elderly amateur artist in New York calls an arts organization, asking for a young nude model to be sent to his home for his "sketches."

Two twin girls live in a haunted house with their father as he writes his next book.

A young detective is sent to photograph a cold case crime scene where he unravels the mystery by chance.

An American teenager travels to her deceased great aunt’s farm in England where she forms an unlikely relationship with a horse and confronts the town’s dark traditions.