Short stories tagged with Black Market

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A bike repairman who takes medication to turn off his libido receives a strange package that leads to an undercover federal agent breaking into his shop and a conspiracy about an artificial intelligence and a senator coming to light.

In a dystopian universe where roaming brains must purchase their bodies, a solitary female brain is forced to make a choice about her dream of the perfect human body when the unexpected happens.

After surviving an attack on his life, a Serengeti park ranger realizes that greedy poachers will stop at nothing to get their hands on the valuable horns of the endangered rhinoceros.

When a prominent actor has his mind wiped and resold on the black market, a brain police officer goes undercover to find who is responsible — but in doing so, uncovers a scheme that makes her question even her own identity.

When climate change leads to oil scarcity in a dystopian future, a former racecar legend and his pit crew redirect their skills to hijacking highway tankers carrying precious oil for profit. Despite the dangers of the job, it is the love between the crew mates that ultimately leads to their downfall. In a dystopian America ravaged by climate change, an oil scarcity turns a former racecar legend and his pit crew into gasoline outlaws, rustling highway tankers for profit. But a lover's quarrel seeks to undo all of their success.

In futuristic Nigeria, a seemingly innocent dinner party at the home of a wealthy scientist turns into a nightmare. Three women join forces to rescue the others with their special abilities and newly-acquired weapons.

When a routine black market bust exposes the seedy underworld of Seoul, two military GIs must take matters into their own hands to rescue a fellow soldier’s wife from a crime lord.

A former book thief works with an organized crime group to steal back an Atlas which has the ability to correspond with Hell.