Short stories tagged with Hopelessness

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Jaded architect John Cashmore begins finding fault with the greed and ambition of everyone around him, dissolving into erratic behavior on a business trip as he desperately tries to reckon with lost dreams and hopelessness.

Frequent beatings from his father and the casual dismissal of his childhood fears lead to the deterioration of a boy's mental health, and the loss of the only 'real' person in the world leaves him in despair.

Blood, sweat and bronco balls: a white East Coaster doesn’t know what life is like for Wyoming cowboys and part-Indians until he’s spent a day gelding. That’s castrating stallions, for all you white East Coasters.

An older man goes off on a quest through the desert to find a fortune despite there seeming to be no hope.

A woman trying to get a flight to America begins to spend time with the attendant who booked her flight and learns about his personal history.

A hardworking Jewish family is assaulted by a local gang for their beliefs, resulting in the destruction of their business and exhibiting the apathy of the onlookers.

A man working for a theater company puts out an ad for actors, which is answered by a throng of homeless men.

Fearing a lonely life in the company of her ailing husband, a woman begins an extramarital affair with her friend, but soon realizes that her worst nightmare might come true anyway.

An aspiring artist goes to work for a businessman, hoping he can earn enough to follow his dream. Instead, he is forced to learn that dreams are not as important to the world as money.

After crossing a deadly river, three men—a brutish warrior, a dubious prince, and an amnesiac elderly man—band together to survive, but are soon torn apart by murder, memories, and the allure of life on the other side of the river.