Short stories tagged with Tuberculosis

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After a middle-aged murderess is pardoned and released from prison early, she goes to live with a friend in Wisconsin who helps her begin her new life, until the local doctor shows interest in the murderess and threatens to come between the two women.

After Anton Chekhov's slow death from tuberculosis, his wife Olga sends a hotel-boy on an important errand to ensure that no attention is called to the death of the famous Russian playwright.

A twelve-year-old living in Texas is diagnosed with tuberculosis and goes to a tanning salon.

During an unwanted conversation with a stranger on a train in India, a woman reflects on her loveless marriage to her husband — born of financial necessity — and her abandoned dream to attend college in America.

A sanitarium patient helps his neighbor grapple with guilt after a romantic tryst in Paris.

A young Chinese-American woman struggles to tell her dying father that her son has committed suicide.

Fearing a lonely life in the company of her ailing husband, a woman begins an extramarital affair with her friend, but soon realizes that her worst nightmare might come true anyway.

In a town full of people with tuberculosis, the healthy young daughter of a nurse is teased by two wealthy but frail sisters. When she is caught lying about the cause of her father's death, the girl must figure out how to be proud of who she is.