Short stories published in Subtropics

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A woman hides from a hurricane in her home as her loved ones who have died pass through her house with haunting reminders of their deaths.

After a skin bleaching attempt burns off Eno's skin, Uzoamaka is still jealous because Eno's skin is now lighter.

A boy looks back on the encounters he and his friend had with a troubled, violent classmate who murdered his own father.

A teenage girl who lives with her grandparents in France learns about art, beauty, and womanhood from the underpaid models who pose for her grandfather's paintings. One of the former exploited models becomes a mentor to the girl and inspires her to make things right.

When a middle-aged man from a Jewish household goes to visit his father in the hospital, he learns that his father was not born Jewish but unofficially converted and was never circumcised. The man must now find a way to have his father circumcised so he can be buried next to his late wife in a cemetery only for Orthodox Jews.

Following a drunk driving accident that leaves his body scarred and his marriage broken, an unemployed gay man comes to the conclusion that his time in New York City is up.

Now estranged from her son, a music teacher recounts the event that first sowed distrust in their relationship—an event that involved an energetic dog, a strange-looking man, and a banana.