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When a small neighborhood starts practicing air raid drills for World War II, a new German couple down the block stirs up trouble for themselves when they get into a spat with their neighbors.

Visiting Tokyo in the 1980s, a Swedish aspiring civil rights attorney from Minnesota spends her last night with a Japanese lover.

In the distant future, a female steward aboard a ship traveling through space attempts to save the lives of the crew members who ostracized her.

A woman faces a choice after she is brought back to life after the annihilation of the human race: Should she ask the race who resurrected her to resurrect all humankind?

Guided by his late grandfather's wisdom, a young man in 1970s America must continuously attempt to stand up against a colleague's violence and console the man's distressed girlfriend, even when she is tragically hospitalized.

An older man recounts how White settlers violently removed him from his home and took him to a boys ranch to strip him of his indigeneity.

A human and a giant millipede learn to overcome their differences as they flee a warzone together.

A boy’s idolized uncle immigrates to the United States. As the child grows into a man in late twentieth-century Nigeria, his relative’s absence takes a toll on the family. When the two men finally meet up years later, the encounter reveals unfulfilled dreams.

A Black teenager falls in love with a Muslim girl at a high school competition, only to meet her again in college and find that she has changed.

When an anti-Semitic teenager attacks a Jewish boy, war breaks out between the teenage boy factions of 1980s Long Island.