Short stories tagged with Unsettling

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A young girl goes through a door in her house and discovers a parallel universe — only in this world, her seemingly loving family have cruel intentions.

Dermot, a being with an insatiable hunger but a controlled demeanor, works with police to find and kill predators, like himself, who are ravaging the city.

After returning the I CAN SPEAK mask for babies, which plays and simulates sophisticated speech, a woman receives a lengthy letter from an overly-enthusiastic sales rep about the mask's ability to make babies more intelligent and loveable.

A pair of incestuous twin sisters travel across the American south as they serially murder a slew of unsuspecting hitchhikers.

An old drunk abuses his wife and children, which negatively impacts their lives in numerous ways. One day, the drunkard faces a tragic accident which allows his family to finally be free of his tyranny.

Fourteen-year-old Native American girl, who is white-passing and passionate about becoming devout, joins a convent and is thought to attract the devil.

An unnamed narrator uses their own flesh and blood to cast evil spells and curses onto those who stand in their way. An unnamed narrator recounts the way they are able to cast spells by tearing off and consuming their own flesh and blood, and explains what has happened to those who have crossed them.

After several years asleep, a woman wakes up to find her husband kissing her, though she now must face his abusive ways.

A young boy stumbles across his grandma's bingo hall and accidentally catches the attention of the cult-like group.

While he travels through Mexico, a Syrian man meets a young girl whose father has sold her into prostitution. On the bus ride to a village, the man tells the young girl stories of Jesus.