Short stories tagged with Psychosis

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The wife of a poet documents her marriage of five years as it tumultuously unravels during one summer in Maine.

When a mother crosses the United States southern border to escape the unsafe conditions of her home country, she begins having psychotic episodes while she waits to be reunited with her five-year-old son, from whom she was separated during the journey.

When the father of her baby overdoses, a young mother with a crippling drug addiction hits rock bottom much faster than she thought possible. All the while, she must take care of her son and figure out how to survive.

A middle-aged woman is forced to grapple with her son’s mental illness and her partner’s disinterest. While she tries to accommodate everyone else, the woman begins to lose herself.

After the disappearance of a widow, reporters, journalists, and self-proclaimed 'urban explorers' attempt to explain what happened at her house on Cobb Street.

On the day of the 2016 presidential election, a Chinese American woman with schizophrenia begins consultations to receive electroconvulsive therapy, and is haunted by the hanging of a Chinese American female classmate from high school years ago.